Light and dark

Sometimes rain brings out a richness that’s too good to pass up.  This is another photo I took in color but saw in black and white.

Rain, rain…

What to do on a rainy day?  Photograph droplets.  I’m not sure how successful this image is but it was fun capturing it.  I used a long-focus lens wide open to create the shallow depth of field.  1/100 of a second shutter speed to allow the drops to streak.

Morning’s First Light

I don’t know how productive it will be but I’m practicing one-handed shooting with a point-and-shoot camera while taking my dog for his morning walk.  So imagine me with a dog leash in one hand, the camera in the other and me being pulled in the middle.  This was today’s capture.

Words of…

I came upon this tree and saying in Oakwood Cemetery.  I stripped out the color from the original image by adding Adobe Lightroom’s “Red Hi-Contrast Filter” preset.   What may (or may not) be obvious is the other photoshopping I did to the image to increase the “canvas” size around the carving to make it more horizontal that it actually […]

Monarch Night

I shot this one back in the fall (Sept. 2015).  It was a fun experiment seeing how long the Monarch would tolerate being held and photographed.  The little guy was a great subject allowing me to play with all sorts of flash/drag-shutter images.  You can see more in the FB gallery here.