Hidden Beauty

It’s amazing how much work had gone into plots and monuments in cemeteries.  It’s a shame they’re not seen by more people.

It’s the light…

Again, noontime light is awful for photos.  But that’s when I was able to get out.  So what does one do during this time of day?  Roll with it.  In meandering around the cemetery I found this old stone which caught my attention.  It’s not fancy or overtly special, but the way the light raked […]

Chromatic Aberration a.k.a. Purple Fringing

While not a spectacular or creative photo by any means, I was really surprised by how much Chromatic Aberration was visible in this shot. (The photo used in the banner has the CA removed…) It was taken on a bright and clear day around noon, so the light was pretty terrible (harsh) for photos, but that being […]

Blue to Grey

We finally get a decent stretch of weather with some beautiful blue skies and what do I do?  Strip out the color and go greyscale again.  At least there are lots of different tones in this photo…

Words of…

I came upon this tree and saying in Oakwood Cemetery.  I stripped out the color from the original image by adding Adobe Lightroom’s “Red Hi-Contrast Filter” preset.   What may (or may not) be obvious is the other photoshopping I did to the image to increase the “canvas” size around the carving to make it more horizontal that it actually […]

In My Kitchen

This old scale has been in my family for years.  I think it came from my mother’s side…  Anyway, I have photographed it before.  My best guess is that those other photos were taken back in 1990 when I was at RIT.  Those photos were taken on a medium-format camera with Tri-X film. This latest […]